How to use Black Belt Pro, Mat chats.


Mat Chat Pro, Mat Chats are a superb retention tool, which enable you to teach

children useful life skills, hazard awarness or specific safety lessons.


The subjects of the mat chats are wide ranging but are generally helpful information

for children who value the lessons and seem to love the information contained in


The Mat Chats are designed to be a simple script, the wording of which is directed at

children six years and above. You can simply read out the page verbatim but of course

or you can build your own wording around the subjects.


If you read through the Mat Chat out loud (in private) prior to the class you can see

how it fits with your vocabulary and or style of delivery. You may wish to amend alter

or adjust the lesson, please feel free to do so as you see fit, it’s your class and you will

know your students much better than I do.


When asking questions to children you will soon appreciate the wide ranging ‘special’

thoughts and answers you will get. Always try to remain positive even if the answers

don’t quite match the answers you want. Remain positive and keep the chat on course.


Something like : “That’s an interesting answer, not quite the one I was looking for what about…..”


The Mat Chat is designed to take no more than five minutes and an exercise is

included in many of them so it becomes a very interactive way of learning.


Weekly Mat Chats are a fantastic way to get the parents engaged with your class and

the topics covered are highly valued by the parents, for the life skills that no one else

is teaching their children.



As a Karate instructors we all know we are seeking to boost our students and enable

them to look after themselves, it seems only reasonable that we extend personnal

safety further than just punching and kicking.


If you are a member you can down load

the Black Belt Pro Mat Chats by clicking on the Category link below.


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