My name is Mike Turbitt and I would like to welcome you to Team Black Belt.Pro.


I am the creator and founder of Team Black Belt Karate a Karate school I started in 2005 in a school gym when I took over a Karate school which had been running for 15 years and had …. 6 students. The instructor a very good Karate Ka was teaching what he had been taught in the manner-in-which he had been taught it.

He offered me the school as he had enough of hiring a room to teach others and then paying for the privilege.

He asked me what my ambitions for the school were, and he nearly choked when I said I wanted 300 students, what are you going to do differently he asked.

Well at that time I couldn’t really give him a clear answer, I knew I wanted good quality students, high energy classes (just like the Domanic Velera and Ticky Donavan courses I had attended at Crystal Palace all those years ago) and it needed to be attractive and age appropriate for my students.

The system I created was Team Black Belt we now have over 350 students training every week and that number looks set it increase again during 2018.

This system is now available to you in the form of our monthly membership, so whether you are an adult looking to join in with Team Black Belt (or just want a great resource to aid your training) a parent of a Team Black Belt student or a Karate club instructor who wants a proven success model to help move your club forward Team Black Belt Pro is just the right place for you.


Our first membership is "Adult Karate"


This is for Team Black Belt students who wish to have access to our syllabus and training methods or Wado ryu pracitioners who want a great all in one place reference and instruction guide, this is the membership for you.

This membership includes

The complete Team Black Belt Adult grading syllabus with expanded technical explanations, all beautifully filmed in HD in the superb Team Black Belt Dojo.

The Partner work section includes the complete series of Ohyo Kumite, and Kihon Kumite with attacks and defences broken down to help with learning.

Also included are the Fifteen Wado Ryu Kata and the Hi No Tori Kata series together with partner work applications and Bunkai. Again all filmed in superb quality HD.

As a bonus we also include our complete Paediatric First Aid course. This was a certified course for those who attended and makes a fantastic reference guide. Click the link below for more details.





Our second Membership is Karate Kids

If you are the Parent/Guardian of one of Team Black Belt under 14 students then this is the membership for you, It contains all of the work term by term, class by class of Team Black Belt schools from the Six terms in Karate Kids 1 through Karate Kids 2 Karate Kids 3 through to Black Belt Club classes with Kata and Partner work and the more adult Karate syllabus.Click the link below to join us.




Our third membership is Black Belt Pro

This membership is for club instructors who want to give there classes a little more voom attract and retain more students and help grow their schools.


Even if you don’t have lofty ambitions financially for you club this section contains many hints and helps to ease the instructor burden.


Just the lesson plans alone will help ease the “what am I going to teach tonight” quandary.


Included in Black Belt Pro is:-


Panda Tots Programme, a complete video lesson plan for teaching tots from the age of 3 (these classes are adorable when done properly, and like herding cats when not).

Little Dragons Programme, a complete video libruary for teaching 4 to 6 year olds the Team Black Belt way.


Karate Kids, everything included in the Karate Kids membership.


Adults Karate everything included in Adults Karate membership.


Paediatric First Aid Programme.


The complete Stop Bullies Now Work Shop.


Mat Chat Pro Mat chats for children’s classes, life skills and general safety skills lessons. (On going).


Great Martial Games for children and big children!


Team Black Belt Business help and support.